Funcom is starting the day off with some big news by not only giving us an April 2012 release date but also information on Beta testing.  According to the press release this will be a PC only release, but I like the date as it gives time to make sure things are right.

The other big key to this announcement is that Beta is starting August 26!  Make sure to pay attention to the main TSW site for more information but it looks like some lucky folks might get a chance to play soon!  They mention an “interactive social media campaign” as the way of staging the beta so I’m expecting a phased kind of thing tied into the real-world happenings.  We’ll have to wait and see, but I’m anxiously awaiting!  One thing I really like about this part of the announcement is this gives almost 7 months of Beta testing to really beat on the game and refine all aspects.

Good luck to all those hoping to get in, and by all means if there’s an NDA please respect it!