I’m quite happy to announce another writer has joined up with me on this venture and will be focusing on an area I know VERY little about – Loremasters.  Some of you may know Psychobabble from the forums as he’s a pretty frequent poster, but if not you can check out his introductory post shortly.  He reached out to me after my last podcast episode and I since we have pretty similar play styles with similar and different experiences I thought it would be a good fit.

I’m excited not only for those of you who play Loremasters to get more insight into the class but even more for those of us who don’t understand the class as we’ll get a much better feel for what they can do.

I’m not necessarily looking to grab a ton of folks on this site, but certainly if there are people out there who want to pitch in and have an area of expertise (Burglars anyone?) I’d be quite happy to see what we can work out.

As always, feel free to continue with comments and suggestions as you have them!