Well, Turbine was holding out on us for a while but they finally released some amazing shots for the upcoming Rise of Isengard Expansion.  They’re quite big, but well worth it!

First up are a couple shots of Saruman:

Saruman atop Orthanc

Saruman at the Palantir

Followed by some shots of Orthanc and the battles we’ll experience in the area:


Trees surrounding Orthanc Orthanc in DaylightBurglar near Orthanc Minstrel in Glowy Hands!

The more pictures I see the more excited I get – I really can’t wait to see how we interact with Saruman!

Although I have to admit the shot with the Burglar does seem a little empty of other bad guys – shouldn’t that area be teaming with orcs and such?  Or maybe he’s just that good that he’s already steam-rolled through the area ;)