<Update> Thanks to @DragonTamerBrat for this press-release confirming the September beta weekends.  They’re still vague on the release date though just saying they’re targeting a Holiday 2011 release.  This still doesn’t sway me totally, but is nice to see confirmation of some of the rumors. <Update>

I’m sure you’ve all at least heard that pre-orders are open for SW:TOR and I’m also guessing many already have pre-ordered.  I also wanted to point out Syp’s post breaking down all the pre-order goodies as it really helped me figure out and understand what’s there.  And it was nice to find that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get some of them ;)

Now this comes at an interesting time as I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about this game.  I’ve really cut back on how much I follow this game from the high-point when I was reading every official post and TOR fansites as well as all the podcasts in addition to writing about the game to now just getting my SW:TOR fix from the other bloggers that I follow.  Part of this was just purely being hyped-out and not being able to handle that much about a game that was so far out in terms of a release.  I also was soured by some of the revelations that TOR wasn’t going to be as game-changing as it was hyped to be.  For a long time, I was actually seriously planning on not playing this game at all based on that and some of my other issues with Bioware.

Just recently though I’ve had a bit of a change of heart, and it primarily came from watching the leaked Beta footage of the game.  What occurred to me was that TOR for me, feels more like KOTOR 3 with some additional DLC and potential for other awesomeness.  However, once I looked at it that way, I was no longer disappointed about anything as I loved the KOTOR series and could see paying a normal box fee and some time in a subscription that would essentially equal what I would’ve, and did for Dragon Age, paid for a good story based RPG with some added DLC.  Thinking about it that way, I don’t care about any of the other “downfalls” of SW:TOR and can look at it as fun solo RPG, as a worst case with the potential for it to be something more then that.

I’m now firmly back on the excitement train and am upping my investment in following the game as I’m trying to get prepared for when it finally hits.

But that brings me to my current problem in that as excited as I am by this new revelation, new for me at least, I have to decide if I really want to shell out for a pre-order on a game that still has a nebulous release date.  I know there’s speculation about September testing with a “holiday” release date but it just bothers me that they’re looking for people to loan them that money at least 3 months.  Not to mention I’m a little surprised by the $150 price tag for the collector’s edition as it seems a tad on the gouge side of things.  I guess I’m mainly just skeptical that TOR will launch “on-time” and I’m not sure I want to reward the hype machine with my money.

I don’t mind pre-ordering early and have done for just about every time for LOTRO, but I can’t think of a pre-order I’ve done or even one that I’ve seen without a release date.

I’m pretty sure I will be pre-ordering, but I’m more on the fence then I thought I would be and there’s a good chance I hold out for a while until there’s more solid release information.  Part of that is also based on the fact that I have no interest in the box Collector’s edition and don’t see them running out of the Digital one.  Certainly I expect them to stop offering it at some point, but there’s not quite the same cap on those.

What’re you all doing or can you offer any wise (or un-wise for that matter) advice?