I like the fact that they’re now posting a list of all the new toys coming to the store, although I have to admit I’m a little worried by some of them.  Many we knew about like the instances and skirmishes and some of the skirmish items, but there were a few there that I’m not so sure I like.

  • Legendary Items
    • the new community runes are available for purchase
    • scroll of combination which boosts relic crit combinations by 25%
  • Tome of Defense – 5% incoming damage reduction, not sure what (if anything) it does or does not stack with
  • +5% Attack Damage – another one that I’m not sure what all it does or does not stack with

The legendary item stuff isn’t all that bad, but buying tier 6 runes from the store was something you previously couldn’t do.  If they’re putting those there, why not put all runes of all tiers in the store?

The ones that do actually bother me are the attack and defense tomes as now these are pretty significant buffs that will make big differences for many, including those who raid.  I can see them as being “required” for folks trying to work harder content, especially with a 90 minute duration.

I know that many will say Turbine’s been walking this line for a while now, but for me with this update they certainly have crossed it.

Check out the full listing on the forums and see for yourself and I will try to check them out when the servers come live.