The official Patch notes are live, no big surprises but still a good read – especially while waiting for the servers to pop back up tomorrow.  I think for me the biggest items are:

  • New Skirmishes/Instances with all their goodies
  • The map notes for stable-masters now display their location name in their tooltips.
  • Three new Community Designed relics have been added to the melding panel!
  • Critical Success during relic forging now has a small chance to provide additional relics in addition to bonus shards.
  • Edhelharn Tokens can now be stacked to a max of 20.
  • Captain HoTs from traited Muster Courage and Inspire stack
  • Medallion of the North-Men Drop Increases
  • And I almost forgot the new sweet Angmar horse, you’ll see pics tomorrow!

See you all on the other side of the patch!