Update 3 is now live on Bullroarer!  Head over here for the Patch notes, and if you need help installing Bullroarer take a look at this thread.  Character Copies are live as well, so make sure to check this link out too.

Remember, these are still being tested so if anything jumps out at you make sure to hop over and check it out!

I will certainly be checking out the new instances and skirmishes along with their rewards as that has me very interested.

Some items I picked out:

  • Little Things:
    • Ability to search for specific titles!
    • community designed relics are now available
    • Critical success on relic forges has a rare chance to provide additional relics in addition to shards
    • Hope tokens stack to 20!!
  • Captain HoTs from traited Muster Courage and Inspire will now stack
  • Lots of Weaver PvMP changes
  • Increased the Medallion (Armor Barter Tokens) rewards for Lost in their Absence Instances
  • Various instance bug fixes
  • Fog of War on the map is going away
    • Not sure about this one as I liked using that to make sure I covered all the areas

Lots more up there, so go check then out and make sure to test things over on Bullroarer!