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Sally Forth in LOTRO – Episode 11



This episode is a little different in that I primarily just cover the news and my takes on the Echoes of the Dead update.  I should be back on a normal schedule and will get back to my normal news and topic format.  Feel free to let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions for a topic.

Also, during this episode I do reference my interview with Aaron “Rowan” Campbell, so if you haven’t listened to that I suggest you take a listen as I do have a bit of a different take from others.


Echoes of the Dead Update:


Episode 11 of the Sally Forth in LOTRO Podcast



After a bit of a break and a re-recording, the latest episode is finally up.  I talk about the delay in the show, but fear not I should be back on a more normal schedule from here on out.  Full show notes are available over on TGN-Stratics.

Also, I do reference my interview with “Rowan” quite a bit, so if you’re behind you might want to catch up with that first.

Bonus points for those who pick out the special guests ;)

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