So I uploaded a couple more videos today to share.  Both feature the Sword Halls 3-man instance in Mirkwood.

The first one is me soloing the first boss on my warden.  Pretty tricky and did take me a couple runs to get it down :)  I do switch out some gear as the additional negation and procs from the mirkwood crafted set really helped out.  Main thing is to follow the adage “stay out of the fire” ;)  I mainly did it just as proof that I could, I’m not sure it makes sense to really farm this as its much quicker and easier to do it as a group.  Although if I get bored, farming it for the first chest might not be a bad return for relics, runes, and the barter coin.

The second video is a run we did last night doing challenge mode or what used to be called hard mode.  Basically for this instance, challenge mode is all 3 bosses at once.  Pretty fun fight and very taxing on the healer.  I was actually pleasantly surprised on this one as this was a PUG – but we just walked in and went to it :)  I think the group makeup did help as we had great DPS from the hunter and the Rune-keeper’s heals are over time could  be kept up on both of us.