Slowly Working Through Tokyo in TSW

My last adventures through Tokyo in TSW highlighted the fact that I needed some work on my Aegis items in order to progress.  I was originally thinking I might be able to focus on the story missions and not have to do too much outside of that if I didn’t want to – but that is just not possible.  What was also very evident was that I needed to do some tweaking on my build in order to not only kill stuff but survive.

For my build, I had been spec’d Blade and Assault Rifle focusing mainly  on afflictions and penetration to generate self heals and leaches.  While that worked well in many places, leaches just don’t work well at all when ripping down Aegis shields and recovering from that initial beating with little heals becomes a rough mountain to climb.  I also didn’t feel like I had enough interrupts to counter not only all nasty special attacks out there but the shield regeneration abilities certain mobs have.   I toyed with making a switch back to Blades and Blood for a bit more healing and shields but chose to try just tweaking my abilities with my current weapons.  Here’s a snapshot of my current deck:

TSW slotted Skills
My slotted Skills

I’m basically set up such that every time I hit I not only afflict mobs, but set of a 3 second explosive timer and a Heal over time (HoT).  Then each time I hit an afflicted mob with my Blade Consumer I have a 40% chance to penetrate which then kick off another HoT and a barrier.  I also then have 2 interrupts with one of them being an AoE which can be quite handy when multiple mobs want to do special attacks.  Finally I have 3 active Rifle skills that will trigger heals if I find myself getting low on health.  I would like to find another Rifle consumer to do a little more damage, but so far the damage and heal has been handy.

As for the quests, I am enjoying them even though they certainly are a step up in difficulty and I find myself dead quite often.  For the most part, I do at least make an attempt at figuring out the quest but I will admit that for some of them (Love and Oragami for example) I am not shy about blatantly cheating.  It also does depend on my mood, although I do try to vary the quests if I’m not in the mood to think, as opposed to just walking through someone elses footsteps.  I’ve made it through probably half of the quests so far and haven’t done too much repeating (probably a quest or 2) and have my Cyber Aegis (the ones that are blocking progress in the Story quest) up to level 1.3, so I am l mildly pleased with my progress.  I’m using the Sidequests from the Bathhouse (kill various named dudes) as a measuring stick to see how I’m progressing. They’re still really tough and in some cases I end up retreating as they become a stalemate.  Once I get to a point where I can finish those more easily, I’ll make another run at the Story quest.  On other system built into TSW that I’m finally making use of is the customizable map as I’m making notes of quest locations such that on replays I’m able to move through quicker.

Getting back to the Aegis system itself, I do like the concept and the idea of it.  Especially when you get into fights against multiple shields and regeneration plus restoration tossed in there.  The grind while probably frustrating for many, has been reduced as I understand it, and probably isn’t as bad as it could be. The only thing I could see that would make it “better” would be if all kills rewarded Aegis experience such that other content would be rewarding and not just Tokyo.  There’s still a whole other system (Augments) that I really haven’t even gotten into yet because of the high Ability Point grind as I’m still working on completing the rest of my skill wheel and Auxiliary weapons.  I’m not sure how much of a benefit that system would have for me in Tokyo, but right now that’s 3rd on my list of things to do behind the Aegis items and my ability wheel.

Like I mentioned before, I’m still playing TSW as a single player game with periodic times as a duo co-op but it does seem like there are some new things being added to make grouping a bit easier and more enjoyable.  At some point, I would like to at least see some of the dungeons and such but I’m in no rush to get there.

Review of the 2015 Football Season


My last wide ranging review post will be concerning my two favorite American Football teams, those being the Chicago Bears and Houston Texans.  I’ve grown up a Bears fan and have maintained that all along, but since moving to Houston I’ve adopted them as my other team.  And since they’re in opposite conferences, the chances they’d meet in a meaningful game is pretty slim.  I’m going to keep this post to a review, and focus on individual posts for Free Agency and the Draft.

Overall, my expectations for this year were pretty low and both teams tried very hard to not live up to those expectations.  I expected the Bears to lose lots of 35-32 games and the Texans to lose a lot of 7-3 games, but both units showed some signs of life that were encouraging and yet painful reminders of what is missing.

This season for the Bears was the definition of a bumpy ride but for me enough progress was made for optimism in the near term.  I still see this team as at best the 3rd team in the division next year, but the gap is closing.  This team seemed like it was really knocked off the rails by a couple key injuries that they just didn’t have the depth to overcome.  Losing 1st round pick Kevin White so early was massive as there just wasn’t anyone to take pressure off of Jeffrey, and then he too goes down for much of the year and its just wheels off at that point.  Almost as damaging was the complete disappearance of Bennett, which took away another key weapon for Cutler.  Forte also seemed to be always dealing with something (not unusual with a back seeing his workload) so Cutler really didn’t have enough options to be effective.  However, he also wasn’t “Bad Jay” turning the ball over every chance he got, so there’s hope there.  It will be interesting to see how the offense does this coming year now that “miracle worker” Adam Gase is gone, but at least there’s some continuity as the QB coach is taking over the Offensive Coordinator role.

As for positives for the Bears, the offensive line is starting to shape up and look respectable.  There are a couple pieces on defense that look like good building blocks.  And if healthy, there’s some serious talent on the offensive side of the ball with Zach Miller and Lankford turning into real weapons.  Couple that with a good defensive draft (or free agency) while adding another lineman or so and I could totally see this as an 8-8 team next year.

The Texans on the other hand, were almost two separate teams – the one prior to the second half of the Dolphins game, and the one after that.  The Texans are almost the mirror image of the Bears – man, combine the Bears offense with the Texans defense and that’s one scary team!  If that defense can play an entire year like it did the last 8 games, they will get recognition for being one of the best in the league.  The thought of Watt, Mercilus, and a healthy Clowney all rushing the passer should give Andrew Luck nightmares all off-season.  Toss in a secondary that’s only going to get better and this could very well be the #1 defense next season.

The offense on the other hand is in a whole world of hurt.  The don’t just need a Quarterback, they need another receiver to help out Hopkins, the line is a player or two short, most likely a new feature running back as they move on from Foster, and a Tight End who can catch the ball are just a few of the pieces they need to figure out.  Because of the division they play in, the Texans will always have a shot but the Titans and Jaguars are catching up quick and without a strong offseason for the Texans they could fall behind.  While a 10-11 win season wouldn’t be out of the question, I think 8-9 is a more realistic number given the uncertainty at the QB position.

Certainly things will start to fall into place for both of these teams as we get closer to the start of Free Agency (early March) and then with the Draft later in April to fill out the roster.  There are lots of reasons to be excited and then just as many things to be scared of.  But that’s probably the same thing you could say for just about every team outside of Cleveland.

Flyers Mid-Season Review

Even though I spent many years living in Philly, the only team I’ve really gotten behind is the Flyers.  I’ve been to quite a few of their games, and was even there for the infamous Scott Stevens hit on Eric Lindros, but have not been to a game for a number of years.  Luckily they seem to be on TV quite a bit so I do get to catch my fair share of their games.  But before I started looking at things on a more current timeframe, I at least wanted to take a look back at the season so far as it has been a rocky road.

Starting off this season, I really didn’t expect much from the Flyers, maybe squeek into the playoffs, but that would have been a stretch.  The team has just been straddled with too many bad contracts and not enough depth to survive deep into the season.  My main hope for this year was to maintain respectability (not pull a 76ers and tank) and try to figure out the log-jam of young prospects to see who’s an option for next year(s).  But so far, this team and leadership has far exceeded expectations and looks like they could possibly do some damage in the playoffs.

Let’s first look at some of the moves they’ve made so far.  It was a pretty quiet off-season as there just wasn’t too much they could do with bad players signed to horrible contracts.  Early on this year MacDonald was sent down to the Phantoms to bury his salary, but I have to think Hextall would love to move him if he could but also is a bit of an insurance policy in case someone gets hurt.  The Grossman for Gagner trade really seemed like one of those “helps each team” kinds of deals, although I really haven’t been too impressed with Gagner this year.  However, his contract is up after this year so there really isn’t too much to worry about and Grossman just wasn’t going to work with the amount of defensemen the Flyers have.  The other big trade so far was the one done with the Kings that sent Vincent Lecavalier and Luke Schenn packing and brought back Jordan Weal as consolation.  This was another cap saving move that helps the Flyers out but doesn’t really cost the Kings all that much as Schenn’s contract is up after this year and Vinny has said he’ll retire.  So they get a rental and give up a prospect and a draft pick.  Weal hasn’t had too much playing time, but anything more than a bag of pucks is a bonus from what I was expecting.  As we get closer to the trade deadline I don’t see the Flyers rocking the boat too much but it wouldn’t shock me if they could unload another bad contract or two onto someone a player away from a Cup run.

As for actual play on the ice, I have to say I’m quite surprised.  So many things have gone “wrong” for the Flyers that I would’ve expected them to be much worse off.  Voracek’s slow start and Streit’s injury are the two obvious ones but also having to adjust to a new coach is always rough.  I’m been impressed with the system and style Haskol has implemented and it seems like not only are the players buying in but they seem to embrace it.  Two main things have happened this year that have allowed the Flyers to stay afloat:

  • Consistent and solid goaltending
  • Contributions from their younger players

The first one is obvious, and very much unlike the Flyers but I have seen multiple smart people say they Flyers have had the best goaltending play in the league.  I’m not sure I’d go that far, or feel super confident one of them could steal a playoff series, but the Mason/Neuvirth combination has been very effective.  As for the youth contributions for me it comes down to 3 players:

  • Couturier (thankfully back tonight from injury)
  • Brayden Schenn
  • Shayne (Ghost) Gostisbehere

Ghost is the easy one, he was on the fringe of making the team last year until a nasty knee injury, but has been amazing this year.  Sure he’s making mistakes, but he’s solid enough on defense and such a force on the attack that the good out-weighs the bad.  He’s making a real push for rookie of the year and is looking like quite a draft steal for the Flyers.  Schenn has turned in a nice solid and consistent offensive year helping provide another scorer on the power play to help crowd the net.  But I think the real advance has come this year from Couturier as he just keeps getting better on defense and this year is really turning up the offense.  Its not going to be long until we start seeing his name mentioned in the Selke debates.

Overall, I’m pretty happy the way this year has gone and have lots of expectations rolling into next season as spots open up for some of the exciting youth in the system.  I’m not going to promise any sort of game by game update, but focus more on the big picture kinds of stories.


Healthy Lifestyle Efforts

One of the other reasons I wanted to start back on my site was to try and get a little more social accountability as my wife and I are both working to get back into a more sustainable healthy lifestyle.  We’ve gone through a few changes over the past couple of years and our health has taken a bit of a hit.  Granted, we’re still relatively healthy people without any sort of illnesses, but the lack of exercise and reliance on takeout is going to come back and bite us at some point.  So I figured I’d use this platform to talk about what we’re doing and maybe get some advice and support from ya’ll as well as possibly spark something in someone else.

When it comes to exercise, it has always been something I’ve enjoyed and have been pretty successful in keeping it up.  However, it is also one of the things I can easily leave out if I’m not quite in the mood to do it.  I also have noticed that my joints (knees and ankles primarily) are much more fragile now that I’ve gotten older.  I’ve always been a runner (ran competitively in High School and College) so that’s been my go-to for exercise typically.  But I usually end up going too hard, too fast, and too soon such that I pick up some nagging injury that just derails things.  While that’s still a focus for me, I’m also trying really hard to rotate in some non-impact exercise too.  Bike riding is a natural complement and is also something I enjoy, so the trick now is finding some other places to ride such that I’m not just doing laps around my neighborhood.  We also have one of those Maxiclimber’s that while I’m not super sure it will live up to the commercials (not that I expect it too) it does a good job of kicking my butt!  So far I’ve been using Runkeeper as my logger of choice to keep track of things and it does a pretty good job.  Every once in a while it craps out on my (like yesterday) but it handles both running and cycling as well as outdoor walks and is a nice complement as I usually have my phone with me for music.  We’ve also switched Health Care providers this year and are incentivized to be more active, so I have a pedometer that I use as a way of getting me off my chair and walk around periodically.

Exercise is only one part of getting healthy, the other (and probably more important) is eating well.  For the most part, when we cook, we eat pretty healthy but our downfall has been laziness/procrastination which forces us to rely on take-out sometime more often than nights we actually cook during the week.  We’re attempting to go a full 2 months without takeout and have tried to put a more or less weekly game plan together to not only provide options but to keep things reasonably vibrant as opposed to having he same thing every week.  Our plan is to do a mixture of grilling (living in Houston pretty much allows for grill access all year), stir fry, and finally using our crock-pot to provide enough variety for the different protein and vegetable combinations.  The crock-pot has been nice as the “dump and cook” concept makes prep work quick and easy and usually leaves us with plenty of leftovers for at least another dinner plus lunch options.  We’re also trying out the Paleo diet for a little bit to try and eliminate some of the more damaging crutches we both have.  This has also forced us to try some new things like Quinoa and using squash as a pasta replacement.  We’ll most likely just roll those in as we both realize that we enjoy pasta and bread, so this really is just a short term thing to help us diversify our diet.

I’m not going to try and make this a daily workout review or meal dissection, but as I hit milestones or find new things I plan on sharing those.  Or as I realize certain tools (like our crock-pot) are useful I’ll share those as well.  And for those of you who use Runkeeper, I’d be more than happy to connect there as well, just reach out and let me know.


The Secret World Fun

It seems like all I needed to do was write about my lack of actually playing MMOs to be able to carve out some game time and convince a friend to join me for some fun in The Secret World.

I was actually able to get my friend addicted to this game, so I will take blame (credit) for that, but now he’s surpassed me in progressing in the game and many times he’s there to help me run through quests or when I get stuck.

So last night we set out on the goal of trying to work on some of the story line in Tokyo.  I had last left off mid-way through the “One Kill Ahead” quest chain so we finished off that and did a good chunk of “Nightmare in the Dream Palace” before my lack of Aegis power stalled my progress. This combined story is the kind of material that makes The Secret World (TSW) the game that it is.  It sprinkled in enough challenge to make it hard and thought provoking, but yet not too hard that I wanted to quit.  There were enough things that I had to piece together to force me to pay attention to what was going on.  And while there was some jumping involved, it wasn’t overly complex, touchy, or unforgiving.

I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t done it, but the dream sequence is some really good stuff and especially if you’re playing with headphones it gets downright creepy.  I’m pretty sure I did jump a couple times in my seat, and if I wasn’t conscious of the fact that I was on skype, I might have blurted it some other things too.  Mixed in is one of the best (if not the best) implementation of being drunk in a game that not only blurs your vision but screws up your controls.

There was a portion of the chain that is solo only and while I don’t normally like group un-friendly quests, I think this actually helped my enjoyment of the quest and worked well.  Not only would I have continued in my “follow the leader” mode, but the additional person really would’ve impeded my immersion.

Overall I think this quest line is probably my favorite in the game, right up there with the Tyler Freeborn line from a few episodes ago.  Granted it is also quite long, with some areas not quit “pausible” but it is well worth it.   Needless to say, that time spent questing has sparked my interest in TSW and is making me better understand that whole Aegis thing.  But I’ll continue that in another post.

My only regret was that I didn’t take any screenshots as I was paying too much attention to what was going on – but certainly you can google the quest name and find more about it.  But that’s something I plan to work on as I get back into the swing of things.


MMOs I’m Currently Tracking

You’ll notice, I didn’t title this “currently playing” as that would be a very short post.  However, I am keeping tabs on a number of MMOs and when the time/motivation strikes me I will certainly be hopping back in.  I’m not going to talk about Football Manager (it isn’t an MMO anyway) as I do plan on a whole separate series for that since I actually do play that game.

The top of the list still is The Secret World as it still has a really appealing combination of factors surrounding it.  I also have a good friend who’s always willing to hop in and help out, which can be quite beneficial in many zones.  My main issue with TSW has been the lack of dedicated chunks of time where I can feel like I’ve accomplished something.  Although I will admit I’m not sure I really will ever play TSW as an MMO, for me it will at best be a co-op game.  But that’s perfectly fine for me as it is still a game I enjoy.

Also out there is LOTRO, which while not the draw it used to be for me is still something I’m paying attention to.  I’m intrigued to see what they do with these rumored (I refuse to call anything coming from Turbine an actual factual announcement) instances coming as the server consolidation could make “raiding” fun again with both old friends and new ones.  I ended up moving over to Landroval during the server consolidation with a bunch of others I know, so there’s all the others I know there and the potential for random RP events.  At some point I will probably go in and re-learn my Warden and would totally be all-in for an auto-level for my other toons (Captain and Minnie) IF the new instances actually come out and are decent.

The other game lurking out there for me is Camelot Unchained, which would be a return  to tri-realm PvP and mass chaos like I enjoyed back in the DAOC days.  I am a backer so I’ve been following it for quite a bit and have had some time in the game already.  Sure it is raw, but there’s some really cool stuff going on and their core tech seems really solid.  I’m trying not to get too excited about it since some things are just blowing me away with potential, but since we’re still a ways out from launch it will probably be pretty fluid.  I definitely see myself playing this game if it is remotely like what I’ve seen, read, and heard them pitch it as.

Those are the main 3 that I’m really excited about, but there are a couple others like SWTOR and Eve that from time to time become interesting to me.  SWTOR is at least free, so I might hop in there if the force awakens but I wouldn’t be opposed to a 3 month sub for Eve to check things out again as it clearly is a vibrant and viable long term game.

I’ll be posting some more in-depth posts on these (and other random MMO stuff too) as I continue to follow them and certainly if I decide to play any of them more than just logging on.

Everton’s Poor League Cup Semifinal

Before I get into the actual Everton game yesterday, I at least wanted to mention how I watched the game.  Not too long ago, I ended up dropping down from the top tier with DirectTV and as such lost BeIN which not only has the rights to La Liga (Real Madrid and Barcelona, etc.) but the League Cup.  I wasn’t planning on watching the game but figured I’d poke around and see if there was an option (outside of going to a bar) and remembered from the World Soccer Talk Podcast and figured I’d give it a shot.  The sub costs $9.99/month here in the States (I have no clue about other countries and what’s available there) and covers quite a bit of European soccer, pretty much everything not tied to Fox or NBC.  It also offers a free 24 hour trial, which is what I used to watch the game.  Pretty good quality, mildly entertaining embedded chat, and overall a good experience and one I’d recommend if you’re interested in those other leagues.  I haven’t looked too much more into it, but it is something that was quite intriguing to me that will warrant some more investigation.

As for the game itself, it was very typical of where Everton has been all year.  So much promise and then the ship starts to spring a leak and never recovers.  The opening goal should have been enough to seal the deal as that gave Everton a 2 goal cushion, and it was a significant goal for both sides.  Barkely showed off his talent and flair with a slick turn and was able to bury that shot from distance.  However, if I were a City fan I’d be rather upset that no one closed him down given his lethality from long range.  Barkely certainly took advantage of the soft defending and made them pay, but City playing a weaker side to rest for other competitions had a hand in it too.  After that though, it was all downhill for Everton as they just couldn’t do anything to release the pressure City were applying to them.

Let’s talk about those City goals a bit.  That Fernandinho goal did take a wicked deflection to leave Robles helpless, but the non-existent back tracking by anyone in midfield was what gave him the room to get that shot off.  They just let him wander down the field and set up in an easy spot to let go a dangerous shot.  A barrage of opportunities then followed with a couple of posts included for good measure.  Sure, Everton looked dangerous at times on the counter but all too often were a pass short and then left exposed in the back.  While the De Bruyne goal clearly crossed the touch line (although the official was partially blocked by the net and on the other side of the field) I don’t think it would’ve made any difference if that goal was disallowed.  Why it is such a fight to get technology that’s been proven elsewhere for a LONG time now I will never understand, but that’s a whole other topic.  Everton wasn’t showing any sort of competent or structured defense and City inevitably would have found a way to at the very least tie the aggregate score.  As for the Aguerro goal that sealed Everton’s fate, there was the hint of offsides but I think too close to call and I’m fine with that.  What I’m not fine with is John Stones getting caught on the wrong side of the most dangerous man on the pitch.  That just can’t happen at that point of the game.

As for Martinez, I’m not sure what to do there.  I know he’s done a great job in getting this team to play exciting soccer and he’s attracted some great talent.  But he really needs to figure out how to close some games out or this will be his last year at Everton, if he even makes it that far.  I also don’t think he did himself any favors by ripping the referees.  Sure, they missed a call but there was still LOTS of time left in that game for other things to happen.  Even if you could both City goals as “bad” goals there’s still over 15 minutes left to do something.  I didn’t have any problem with the gripes after the Chelsea game as that call did actually cost them the game (last touch of the game for a goal) but that did not happen in this case.  It is very rare that a single call “costs” teams a game, and this clearly was not one of those games.

Finally, I did want to mention the Robles/DeBruyne scuffle that happened late in the game.  I will admit that even after the first couple of replays I couldn’t see what happened to DeBruyne and assumed he had flopped (ala Diego Costa) and didn’t have any problem with Robles trying to get him up.  However, it became evident that he really was hurt (reasonably seriously) as it was just one of those not too much contact causing the knee to go in directions it isn’t supposed to.  I was impressed that not only did Robles make a point to see him off the pitch and talk to him while he was on the stretcher but also went to Twitter to express his apologies about his behavior.

Luckily Everton has an FA Cup tie over the weekend that shouldn’t put up the challenge anyone in the Premiere league would, but at this rate who knows what will happen.  Some sort of turnaround (which I still think could happen) will be needed if they’re to get to any sort of credibility at years end with a hope of keeping this young core around.

What has happened to Everton?

I thought today was as good a time as any to put some thoughts out there about my favorite soccer team, Everton.  And yes, I know I’m using the wrong term but when following both American and world football, it is easier and less confusing to call one football and the other soccer, so that’s what I do.  The timing works out well as this is sort of mid-season and in the heart of the January transfer window, not to mention a crucial semi-final match today against Manchester City.

I had pretty high expectations coming into the year with the addition of Deulofeu and the ability to keep a hold of the strong youth talent this team has.  And for the most part, the youth has performed reasonably well.  Lukaku is among the league leaders in goals.  Deulofeu seems to be serving up delicious crosses every time he touches the ball.  Barkley has had his ups and downs but is still electric.  Stones has been solid for the most part, although he’s had some rough games like any youngster will.  Even Brendan Galloway performed well in his replacement role while Baines recovered from his ankle injury.

The issue, or at least one of them, has been the performance of the veteran leaders.  Now some of this is certainly due to injuries (although every team gets them) but clearly the loss of Baines and Jagielka has hurt the team.  And even when they’re in the lineup, the loss of time has put them further behind the rest of the team.  Barry has not been the same pillar of strength he was, and lets just move on from talking about Howard.  It is no surprise that with Baines, Jagielka, and Howard all struggling that the Toffees are sporting a horrific defensive record and are especially awful late in games.  That trio of leadership and confidence used to ripple through the team, and without it we’re starting to see things crumble.

Another huge hole in this team is the midfield which has been pretty lackluster this season.  I’m not entirely sure what has happened to McCarthy this season, but he just doesn’t seem to be having as much impact as he has in the past.  Of late, our best midfielder (outside of Barkley) has been Besic, which shocks me as I had more or less written him off as a red-card waiting to happen extra body and not a contributing player.  Sadly I’m not sure there’s a real easy fix for this problem out there.  I don’t think Ryan Ledson is ready to step in, but at this point I’m also not sure there’s all that much to lose in trying him out.

The last piece of the puzzle that many are jumping on is the coaching, feeling that Martinez has run out of ideas.  I’m not ready to jump to that conclusion quite yet, but there certainly are some warning signs.  I feel it is always hard to really know what portion of poor play (in any sport) is due to the coaching and what blame should be laid on the players.  Usually, it is somewhere in the middle, however there are some things that are red flags for coaches.  When the same things keep happening over and over again, that’s not just poor luck or bad play, the coaching staff is not doing something right.  And in Everton’s case, not protecting leads is becoming a routine event.  I’m not going to claim to know all the stats, but I’m willing to bet they’re near the top of goals conceded in the last 10 minutes of the game, and actually probably pretty close to the top of those scored during that time too.  So while they’re great at late dramatics, it seems like they forget about defense once that happens.  Sure there have been some unfortunate calls (Chelsea) but to even allow that to happen time and time again is just bad coaching.

While this is a rather pessimistic look at the team, I still have hope for a productive season finishing in the top half of the table.  I highly doubt they’ll push high enough for Europe and I’m not sure they have the team depth to be able to handle it if they did qualify.  If they can get some more stability in the back, fix their late game disasters, and then bring in a couple young guys during these next 2 windows they could be right back ready to make a strong run next year.  As an avid Football Manager player, I do have ideas for how to fix Everton, but that’s for another post.  And who knows, they might be able to hold off Manchester City and get a shot to win some hardware this year!

What’s going on here?

It has been quite a while since I last took an active interest in this site, and I figured now was as good a time as any to pick back up and get writing again.  My life has changed rather dramatically from when I first stated this site, as I now have a 3-year old daughter, a new house in the suburbs, and a pretty dramatic shift in my career to give you a small taste.  This new incarnation of my site will reflect those changes and become a more long-winded outlet for me.

For the near term (I have no clue how long that will be) I’m going to open this up to be more of a representation of me and my life, so it will be pretty broad in the topics I cover and a sandbox of sorts for me to play in.  However, I do have a feeling it will center around a few main things:

  • Games
    • MMOs
      • LOTRO
      • TSW
      • Camelot Unchained
    • Others
      • Football Manager
  • Sports
    • Texans
    • Bears
    • Flyers
    • Everton
    • US National Soccer Teams
  • Health Stuff
    • Food
    • Exercise
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I’m sure there will be a few other things sprinkled in, but for now that’s what I’m up to and I would expect a pretty regular amount of postings as well as some design changes as I start to flush things out and make this site a bit prettier.

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